Saturday, June 5, 2010

Garden Update!

Not sure if you checked the weather but it was in the 70's and raining here yesterday. What are we in Hawaii? Before that, the rest of the week had been pretty warm and my plants seemed to like that so yea! Check them out.

My herb garden.

My cilantro seem to be turning a little yellow so now I want to check if they also need nitrogen in their soil like my basil did. Any ideas? The chives, mint, and sage seem to be doing ok.

The box.

Basil is doing a lot better since I put in a plant nanny that had some miracle grow for veggies in it. According to the guy at the farmer's market, my basil needed nitrogen and this was the best way. And it is working so yea!

One cauliflower looks big and beautiful. It has about an eight-inch circumference. The other however looks like this.

I might be mistaken but isn't this what it looks like when it bolts and goes to seed? I don't really understand why it would do that considering I planted them at the same time. Anybody have answers as to why it looks like this?

These suckers looks great and I can't wait to eat them! Must wait until they are red, although I have heard some interesting nutritional information about green, I must wait for red!

These babies are coming along. Can't wait for the rainbow carrots. Lettuce is doing well. The squash seems to be taking forever to grow! Come on squash!

Now my spinach is another story. One just died on my and the other one is growing tall but has very tiny spinach leaves. Anyone know if my spinach is okay or else what I can do to fix it?

Serrano has not grown much but is still alive. The sugar daddy peas are growing like mad and the broccoli has made a come back. It appeared to be dying and had been nibbled on by a mysterious bug. I trimmed the small leaves and now it is growing again. Is this to thank due to the small pruning job?

Then there are my random plants around the garden. This starter watermelon was on 98 cents from Home Depot so I had to give it a try considering a I love melon. And this hydrangea that I had thought for sure I killed is growing taller and greener everyday.

Something I have noticed is that things take a very very long time to grow. I am sure a lot of that has to do with this weird weather and my lack of gardening skills, but I can't help but thinking that I am no where close to being able to rely on my garden for a good portion of my veggie needs. But as everyone else I have talked to, gardening is a hobby that takes years and you can come close, but one can never become a perfect gardener as weather, bugs, and just bad seeds are beyond your control. But for what I do have now, I am trying grateful and excited. Happy Saturday!


  1. Your cauliflower might be bolting because of the heat. We had such a cool rainy spring and then it got hot really quickly. (I live in Marin County) It looks like the good head is on a much bigger plant. The small plant just went to seed. It might be getting too hot for the spinach as well. I can't tell from your picture if bugs (slugs and/or snails) are eating it or not. Go out at night with a flash light and check on them. If you know that you're watering the basil & cilantro enough, it might need nitrogen. Get some composted chicken manure from Petaluma Farms.

  2. Thank you so much. I will have to check out Petaluma Farms and take a flashlight to check for slugs. I have killed a few already but I know there have to be more.