Friday, June 18, 2010

I am not a fan of eggplant...

I am not a fan of eggplant, but I will try anything once. Vegetarian Times had some great recipes for the July/August issue and I tried a few on Thursday. I have never liked eggplant but decided to take a chance and try something new and made their Eggplant Parmesan from their "Meals for one" section. (Love that as I am not always cooking for 6 or more people.) And I must say, I liked it...a lot. The flavors were great and it was super easy to make. Unfortunately the recipe I used is not on their website but if you want to know the recipe just let me know and I will send it to you. See below for (rushed) pictures.

On a sad note, I did try a dessert from their magazine, the Chocolate S'Mores Pie, and took 3 bites and felt sick. Let's just say it was not my cup of tea. The marshmallow was too sweet, the chocolate was not dense enough and I am not a huge fan of dark unsweetened chocolate. But of the trials at least one worked out, right?

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