Monday, July 12, 2010

So I've been biking...

Ok, so I pretty much think I was born on a bike. All of my favorite childhood memories were biking. My mom let me biked to school for a few year and I loved it. And in order to get to my best friends houses I would bike there. When in Paris I insisted we bike through the gardens of Versailles and it was so much fun. (We even went back for a second round.) Now that the weather is warmer and the sun is shining I have been biking quite a bit more. Biking has now turned into my exercise of choice as my heel starting hurting a few weeks ago and is still giving me some problems making running take a back burner. Last week I went on a bike ride everyday and have been exploring my city. I just get on and peddle with no direction and end up discovering great things. My roommate always told me that the creek in our town dead ended and that it was gross and to be careful of homeless people living there. Well I have discovered things have changed a lot since she was last down there as a great deal of it is paved along the creek's shore and murals are painted under the bridges. And the trail goes on forever! Also along my discovery bike rides I came across the cutest house! I went back and took a few snapshots because I loved it so much. It is this old house is a very kept up neighborhood that is off white with two white hydrangea bushes on either side. What really caught my eye was the off-white and sky blue Vespa in the front. I told my sister I would show her the pics so here they are for all to enjoy. I hope you get outside and take a trip exploring new neighborhoods in your town. Enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, exercise, and summer!

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