Saturday, July 3, 2010

You take the good, you take the bad

You take them both and then you have... The Facts of Life... Ah come on, you know you know the song! So a lot of my garden dies last week when I was gone, but some of it survived and I am reaping the rewards. This week I picked my first tomato...
and made a egg scramble with goat cheese and said tomato. Can I just say, in all honesty, that might have been the best tomato I have ever eaten. Hand to God.
So here are a few pictures of the other survivors. I still have two tomato plants, one serrano pepper, one bush peas (they were supposed to be pole peas), four carrots, one basil, one watermelon, four romaine lettuce, one sage, one mint, one cilantro (that has gone to seed! errr), one chive, and a dying hydrangea. If that hydrangea survives after all if has been throw it will be one strong bush. My roommate informed me that she forgot it was there and so did not water it. Poor little bush. So there are the facts...of life. Did I get that song in your head yet? :) This weekend is suppose to be extremely hot as well but I am on top of it. I will be watering early morning to try to keep their temperatures down in the 90+ degree weather. Ahhhh! Did I mention how much I miss living by the beach? :) Well any who, that is the update. Just enjoying what I still have for the time being. Oh, and I did plant another cucumber seedling after my other one was killed, but that is all. Hope your weekend is fun and cool.

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