Monday, August 2, 2010

My life in numbers

So I have made the move back to Southern California. Yea! Here are my stats.

Miles Per Gallon I have got on the drive down: 40.
Number of time biked to the beach this last week: 2.
Number of times I went to Eat Chow for dinner last week: 3.
Number of bruises on my body from moving: upwards of 20.
Number of time I have washed my car in the last 2 weeks: 0.
Number of times I have said I wanted to keep my Papasan Chair: 35.
Number of minutes it took me to realize the Papasan Chair must go: 25.
Number of trips made to the Goodwill after cleaning out the house: 3.
Number of items to sell on Craigslist: 9 and counting...

My dad always says, "Life evolves." One year ago I faced a life dilemma. I was putting offers down on houses in Dana Point and looking at the future of being a home owner when I found out that two partners at my job were leaving. The news hit me pretty hard and I found myself in deep reflection. It took me sometime to realize that I had not been happy at work and the only things that were holding me there were these two people I enjoyed working with and their management style. I realized that they had been on the only thing tethering me to the job and that without them there I did not want to continue. As I was contemplating the news I found out that the house I had bid on I lost to a higher bidder of about $20,000. When I greeted the news with relief instead of sorrow I knew my mind had already been made up. Getting that house would have made the link to my job permanent and would have meant I would have to stay there and I knew that with the news of these two people leaving that it was my time too.

I needed a pause and a reset. I had been devoting all of my time to work that I was neglecting my life. Ok, I was neglecting having a life. I decided to get away from what had always been, Southern California, my job, everything I knew, and to pack up my life and move to Northern California. I would live frugally and live off of my savings and study to finish up my CPA.

Fast forward a year...

The houses in the neighborhood I was looking to buy in are now $100,000 less and there are more options. I am in discussion with a place of work that is close to Dana Point in which I would be working there and not living out of a suitcase, from 9 to 5 and I would actually be getting to do something I believe in and enjoy. I have a new perspective on life and a new goal. I have passed the cumbersome CPA exams and wrapping up the final details for my license number. I am close to my sisters and to good friends and the beach! My positive attitude is mounting and gosh darn it, I am going to have a clean car soon! I can't help but think what a difference a year makes. I was so lucky to take that break and to come away with a new perspective. And you know what? I am signing up for that Italian class I have always wanted to take. And that spin class. And perhaps another 10k race. Who knows what else? The sky is the limit. I am just glad that I am living a life I can enjoy.

Number of sisters that live within 50-feet of me: 2.
Number of meals I have cooked with family this past week: 3.
Bottle of wine consumed this last week by family: 5.
Number of time better the food tastes when eating with family: 100 million.
Number of times I have regretted moving back: 0.

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