Thursday, October 14, 2010

My goodness, life can get busy

So a few weeks back I went to Portland for a good friends wedding.

After I got back I was on my feet running with a busy week of work followed by a weekend where I was out of commission because I got sick. Booo! I am finally better and things are back to normal.

Picked up my CSA basket. Hmm, persimmons, what to do with those?

Oh yea, did I mention I am biking the Long Beach Marathon this Sunday??? I am. I am super excited too. Well, I am very excited, I had to downgrade because apparently it is at 5am. Grr, but I love biking and have been taking a spinning class which definitely helps with the conditioning so I can't wait to go and snap some pics. And did I mention I get a medal? Yep, I do.

Now, back to the 20 hours of homework I have for my computer class and Italian class. Hmm... grocery shopping and menu planning is next on the list.

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  1. Persimmons are my favorite fall fruit. I love to just cut them like apples and eat them raw. Yum Yum.