Monday, January 31, 2011

January Goals Update

Seriously? It is the end of January already? This has been the fastest month for me ever. Things have been really busy and even when I have down time I find that I am counting until I have to get going again. Perhaps in February I can learn to relax a little more. So here is the status on my goals....

1. Make a music mix for my spin class instructor. Hmm... well I made the mix, just haven't given it to him yet as it turns out one song has a curse word which is against the rules and frankly quite tacky in a public spin class. It is being revised and shall be given to him soon.

2. Take vitamins 3 times a week. Fail. This last for 2 weeks. It is a lot harder than it seems. You guys try it. I am now continuing this goal into February....just took some right now so that I am ahead of the game.

3. Keep a food journal. I did pretty well on this one. The eating part could be a lot better. The weekends have been a zone of slacking for me and I need to not undo all the good I did during the week. Another goal to continue into February.

4. Keep better track of my activities. I did this one! Okay, 90% I did this. I doubled booked again, but only one time after I made the goal. I am getting better and that is all that matters now.

Currently I am making a quiche to take for lunch for the week. I haven't made a homemade one since I moved from Northern California. (Yes, you have to make the crust too.) This quiche consists of grape tomatoes, broccoli, and canned tuna. Not sure why I am on a canned tuna kick and the combination may sound weird, but man does it smell good. Can't wait to try some tomorrow. Hmm... this gives me a few ideas for my moms garden and planting...

Until next time!

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