Monday, February 28, 2011

Why ruin a good day?

Had such a good day, I had to share. Marinated grilled (wild) salmon with grilled plantains. Cheers!

Starting Off The Week Right

Living Trash Free?

Just had to share this link I have saved. It is about a couple living trash-free for a year. It is quite inspiring and I keep going back to it. I hope you guys enjoy it too.

Living Trash Free

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cheese schmeese

Who doesn't love cheese? Okay, who doesn't love cheese who is not lactose intolerant? Everyone loves cheese, especially stinky artisan cheeses or those fresh balls of mozzarella that when cooked string out for miles upon miles. (I might exaggerate, but only a little.)

I am currently taking a 4-week California wine course which has proven to be quite informative and very fun of course. So in the spirit of progression I was thinking, "what class should I take next?" My oldest sister has mentioned this cheese-making course offered through Cal Poly San Luis Obispo but the cost is a bit much for me right now. But that got me thinking and then researching and then watching YouTube videos and next thing I know I am on my way to my local natural foods store to buy some citric acid and rennet to make my own mozzarella.

Well I hate to say this, but my first attempt did not produce what I was hoping for. I ended up somehow making cheese with the consistency of ricotta. Shoot. Darn it. There went my plans to make eggplant parmesan for lunch for the week. So I went to the internet and researched what I did wrong amongst my cries of, "But I followed the instructions to the T!" Oh Google, how I love you... Google produced search results of similar woes that suggested 1) I used too much citric acid. I quickly ruled this out as I was super careful in measuring. 2) I did not use "un-homogenized milk". Shoot. Darn it. Why didn't the video start out with that little detail? Back to the old drawing board. I went back to my local health foods store and picked up some un-homogenized, raw milk. I have to at least try it another time; the lure of fresh mozzarella is just too strong to ignore.

I promise, if my second attempt later on this week turns out I will post a lovely picture showing you the fruits of my labor. *fingers crossed*