Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dessert for breakfast?

Dessert for breakfast anyone? Well that is what this breakfast tasted like. It was a pear crumble.
No, that is not whipped cream, but it was a very sweet Greek yogurt with drizzled honey. I seriously might make this again but for dessert. It was great to eat, but a little too sweet for me in the morning.
Lunch was panzanella. I have wanted to make panzanella for a long time now and this was a perfect recipe for flavors. By flavors I again mean just the taste of the veggies and sprouted bread. I might add a little less bread next time and perhaps some tuna or other protein. It did have white beans in it, but I was definitely hungry later in the afternoon .

I hit up the gym after work and ran (more like jogged) a 5K. I told myself that I needed to start running again so I am phasing myself back into the distance runs. I am also a little motivated as a few of my friends are running a half marathon this weekend and I am going to cheer them on. Anyway, the jog went well and by the time I got home I wanted to eat right then. One thing I really like about this fitness magazine recipes is that most of them take a short amount of prep and cook time. Tonight's menu feature salmon cakes.

Ok, so call me late to the game, but I had no idea that making fish cakes was so easy and rewarding. I tossed in some salmon, an egg, bread crumbs, and some chopped scallions and was good to go. Just cooked 'em up for 3-4 minutes per side and I had a delicious disc of protein and flavor. The picture above shows the cakes with a spicy mayonnaise the recipe called for and while the mayonnaise was good, I ended up wiping most of it off as the cakes were delicious enough for me.

Two days down, three to go.

Oh, and while I am posting, anyone out there have any suggestions on some good songs or workout mixes I should check out? My songs are older and I need something new to motivate me. Hope your week is still on the up and up!

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