Thursday, April 28, 2011

Impromptu Wine Night

Once again, my breakfast reminds me of a crazy animal. This time I picture a hair-crazed monkey in the jungle. So besides having the same breakfast as I did on Monday, it looks so different to me....yes, I am still a little kid.
Lunch was a strawberry, brie, and walnut salad with tuna. The recipe called for chicken but as I am not eating meat beyond eggs and fish I opted for tuna. It was amazing how strong and sweet the strawberries were in this salad. I am not sure I would make the combination again with tuna, but maybe add a few more fruits and vegetables and have a nice summer salad for a picnic.

I had already had lunch when my boss informed me that we were going to lunch, so instead of give in to the temptation of the smell of sweet potato fries I had a root beer. It was tasty considering root beer is the only soda I will drink and I have it once to twice a year. We went to lunch as it was a co-workers birthday and she invited me to a wine night at her house after work. Best laid plans...I went to her house to celebrate her birthday and had 3 slices of cheese, a palm-full of grapes, 2 crackers, and a couple glasses of wine (all not featured). It wasn't ideal for my dinner and I was bummed that I didn't get to make the baked eggs I have wanted to try all week. But I had a good time and exercised restraint. I was glad I had gone to spin class and ate well the rest of the day.

Speaking of best laid plans, it turns out that I was suppose to have my baked eggs on Tuesday and the salmon cakes on Wednesday to avoid having two meals a day with eggs. Don't get me wrong, I would eat eggs all the time, but I still have that voice from back in the 80's talking about not eating too many eggs regardless of how silly the notion is now considering I heard the statistic that "eggs are the next best thing to consume for nutrients and vitamins next to breast milk" and I am not going out and buying breast milk. Yuck, I just grossed myself out.

So Thursday is a new day and I am sticking to my plans for meals for the day. In fact, I have my gym bag packed as well as my breakfast and lunch sitting next to me right now. Hey, planning is the key, the rest of up to me.

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