Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Meals

Oh breakfast and your pre-made quiche.

Asparagus & Mushroom quiche, sliced orange, and a slice of Ezekiel bread. This totally hit the spot right after spin class.
Lunch, yummy! Whole wheat tortilla with tuna, baby spinach, and brie. The rest of the apple was my side. One question, why is it whenever they tell you what to put in a wrap does it never fit and it turns into a taco? Just one of these days I want my wrap to actually be a wrap and not a taco.
Have I ever mentioned that I do not love fish? In fact sometimes I don't even like it. And don't get me started on how much I loathe poached fish. But sometimes you have to eat it. I grilled some red snapper which was on sale from Ralph's and for a reason as it was not as fresh as I would have liked. If you are going to buy fish do yourself a favor and spend the extra cash to get the better quality. The carb is a combination of couscous, black beans, mango, and cilantro. This was a winner and will definitely be used again. No other seasonings, just pure natural flavor. Last, but not least steamed sugar snap peas which tasted like heaven! A great dinner, all in all.
Oh, and...umm...dessert. I bought these for Easter but they were not delivered until today so I had some...and I liked it. Hey, with my spin class I still had calories to spare even with the dessert.

So overall, what did you think? Easy to make and tasty. See anything you like?

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