Thursday, April 28, 2011


You ever have those days where you back your bag for the gym and when you get there you realize 1. You forgot your hair tie, 2. you for got a towel, and 3. that is not a sports bra. Yea, so I guess going running was not in the cards for me tonight. Instead I came home and made this.
Artichoke, tomatoes, lemon, and tuna pasta. Pretty darn good and easy, thank you Fitness Magazine. It did call for black olives but the ones we had were so old I did not want to chance it. After, I had a granola bar with a spoonful of the yummy Greek yogurt. I call that dessert not breakfast.

Breakfast was made at the office my microwaving 2 eggs (yes, I did say microwave) and a whole wheat tortilla with cilantro. On the side was the remaining mango from when I made couscous. I did not feature the picture because sometimes the taste is good and the look is not. I knew a good picture would feature the egg wrap cut open but it was tricky even wrapping it that I didn't chance it. I have never claimed to be a great picture taker, but I at least know when a picture is too bad to publish.

Lunch was panzanella with less bread. I brought left over red snapper to add for protein but it smelled fishy and I started gagging so it had to be tossed out. Less protein than I wanted, but at least it still packed a bunch of flavor. Followed the lunch with a snack of hummus and carrots. I have a weird love for orange and yellow food. Lemons, yellow pepper, golden beets, yellow tomatoes, sweet potatoes, you name it, I love it!

I am not going to lie, I am glad the gym didn't work out. I have had a longer week than I had anticipated and I just wanted to go home. I ran all of my errands, made some calls, am finishing up laundry, and I am about to sit down and maybe pop in a Netflix. Oh, I have to remember to DVR the Royal Wedding for my sister to watch later (I might join her). Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday, I need a break.

But I am really looking forward to the weekend!!

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