Friday, May 27, 2011

No Spring Chicken

I had someone tell me this week that I am no longer a spring chicken! Funny and sad at the same time. The comment was made in reference to me running again and the calories I had burned (or not burned) when working out. She reminded me that my hay day was 5 years ago when I was able to run and run and not hurt and burn tons of calories. My June challenge might have been a bit more than I was anticipating. I was shooting for 3-4 good workouts a week to meet my goal but that might not be fisible.

You see, back in my "hay day" I used to go run or to the gym after work to unwind. What I did not take into account when setting up my next challenge was just how hard I used to work out. It would take me hours to unwind from my high-stress job and I would be at the gym for hours thus burning copious amounts of calories. As much as I really do like the gym, I don't want that to be my life! A friend told me that perhaps a distance challenge would be good and we could work from there. (I hate it when he is right.)

So, I am rethinking my June challenge, but will commit soon!

Fun Fact: The last time a Republican was president and was not from the state of Texas or California was Calvin Coolidge in 1923. Crazy!

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