Monday, July 25, 2011

Another day in the got garden

They're alive!! Look at those tomatoes...mmmm, mmm! And there is more where that came from! My sister and I did I quick garden trip to my mother's house this weekend and surveyed the happenings of the garden. All of the tomato plants are kicked into high gear with tons of fruit (or vegetables) on their way to ripening. The second picture is the cucumber seed I planted a few weeks back. Man is it loving the sun out there! Sad to say that only one survived. For some reason so I have planted another seed so I will let you know how that goes. Third picture in the row is the-little-parsley-that-could. We trimmed back the sage that was hogging the sun and most likely soil from this little guy, but he hasn't died so I think he is a fighter and should spring up more soon. The sage and thyme (pronounced "time") are still acting like they are on steroids because they are huge and refuse to die. We have hacked the crap (pardon my French) out of them and they keep coming back which I love and apparently so do the bees. I love that they are getting nectar and that I am part of that reason. I love the little hum they make when gathering nectar. I am thinking of making a t-shirt for our gardening service that says "We feed bees". What do you think?

On man, do you know what this is? It is a Pablano Pepper that is slowing growing!!! Man, just thinking about those suckers is making me salivate. Just me? Can't you smell that smokey flavor that is longing to be turned into a sauce and nice mild Mexican dish? Sad to say for some reason the serrano pepper plants keep dying. It is like the soil knows that is my favorite pepper and just wont acquiesce to my request to spring forth and multiply. Any suggestions out there in the gardening world?

Speaking of peppers... above the a shot looking down through a cut-out soda bottle onto some bell peppers. My mom threw a bunch of seeds in a whole and up sprouted 11 plants! She made me take all but the strongest out of the ground. I couldn't just leave 10 good little sprouts to die so I replanted them elsewhere in hopes that we will have tons of pepper plants and can roast and jar them to be used at a later date. We put the cut-up bottle over them for a few reasons. First, this helps warm the soil and plant which peppers love. Second, it makes a little terrarium which helps with the watering process. Third, and most important, it deters stupid evil grasshoppers from eating the young leave which they love and have been known to do. (Fact: grasshoppers are my least favorite bug of all time.) I really hope these little guys do well and that we are giving them the best chance possible.

Now for something sweet (and something my mom did all on her own)....cantaloupe melons!!! She has three cantaloupe melon plants growing; two she planted and one that was a volunteer. They are taking my advice and going forth and prospering. Look at the little guys! Man, I hope they get huge and that my mom turns them ever so often so that they grow well rounded! (Yes, I love puns.)

Aw, the Japanese eggplants...slowly growing, but doing well. For some reason the American eggplants are stunted. Perhaps this is due to the recent budge crisis? Okay, I will stop now before I spout off a 120-page dissertation on our current politics. But the eggplants are up and coming...

That is all for now folks. Any gardening advice is welcome if you see something I might need to know. Also, political comments are fun to read regardless of if I agree with you or not!!! Happy gardening and here's to a balanced budget!!!

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