Sunday, July 10, 2011

Aww nature

Nothing like going for a bike ride and on the way back snagging a few free figs from the neighborhood tree. (Community tree, I would never take fruits or vegetables from someones garden.) As I was munching into the fig I couldn't help but have a nerd alert and draw a similarity to the inside of a fig and a sea anemone. Pretty cool.

More in the fun science and nature genre, check out these sprouted cucumbers!
My sisters and I are continuing or hard-labor, I mean DSA (daughter supported agriculture) at my mother's house. Things are progressing and she even has a cool watering system down for her Japanese eggplants, beans, and cantaloupe. What made me really smile though were the cucumbers. Last time we were out there we wanted to plant something in a area we had de-weeded. My middle sister had wanted to plant zucchini but apparently we did not bring that set of seeds. So just for good measure I threw in some cucumber seeds. I was doubtful of them actually sprouting, but low and behold they fought through the heat and the nutrient depleted soil and are alive!

In other miraculous news, we usually take home a basket of lemons each time we leave my mother's house. Her lemon tree produces the best lemons I have ever had. Well I kept joking about planting a lemon tree back at our place. One day I come home and see pot of dirt sitting in the middle of our patio table. I asked my sister if I could put the soil back in the bag when she informed me she had taken one of the seeds from a lemon and planted it. We both started cracking up. That little pot has been sitting there and we water it every time we water out other edible plants, not because we really thought it would grow, but just to keep the joke alive. Again, my doubt was rebutted with the sprouting of our little lemon tree!!! (Lemon tree name still undecided.)Isn't it the cutest thing? Somehow growing a plant from seed is one of the most rewarding things to me.

"Of all the wonderful things in the wonderful universe of God, nothing seems to me more surprising than the planting of a seed in the blank earth and the result thereof." - Julie Moir Messervy

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