Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Operation healthy

So, apparently I fell off the fit train a few months back. I have gained weight since my record low in January and I am not too happy about it. After seeing my very fit uncle in San Francisco I was motivated to hop back on the train. He is the first person to tell me about the Lose It! app and he has lost over 30 pounds and looks great. I decided I wanted to feel stronger and kick up my health level once again. Started tracking my nutrition with the Lose It! app and doing P90X again. (Did night #1 last night and wanted to puke afterwards. I guess that is a good thing...)

Anyway, here is part of my yummy lunch. I am loving my spinach, mushroom, and scallion quiches. Super easy to make, fast, travels well, and totally healthy. Kicking up that protein level one step at a time. Also, I am loving plain, non-fat Greek yogurt for breakfast. Who knew?

Come on, get back on the train with me!

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