Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tired Thursday...but still thinking

Apparently I was pretty tired this morning. I am that no-nonsense person that sets their alarm and when it goes off I get up immediately and go get ready. Well this morning I was that lazy, glassy-eyed person that decided to hit their snooze bottom 3 times before I got out of bed. Apparently I was tired. Is it because I have been working out a bit with Tony Horton so much lately or because I have been going to bed later than usual? Oh how I dream of getting a steady 7.5 hours sleep a night and eventually it will happen. Who knows the reason, all I know if that I needed that extra sleep.

My daily life has change a bit recently. Along with working out with Tony Horton and P90X I am also being fairly strict with my calorie intake and the types of food that go into my body. All this week 80% of what I have eaten came straight from the farmer's market, the other 20% were from Trader Joe's. I am aiming to have a 1/3 ratio for protein, carbs, and fats and have been doing great. Sure I have had to choke down some protein that made me gag (salmon) but I am keeping that ratio. Being the fast oxidizer I am, I need to have around 40% of my calories be from protein. When I do eat that way I have noticed a steady stream of energy throughout the day and am less hungry, unlike my sister who loves eating protein but is actually a slow oxidizer and can maintain her energy on more carbs than protein. For me, being less hungry and not used to the large amount of protein = having to choke down salmon last night. It is amazing to me when you eat food straight from the source (raw fruits & veggies, cooked fruits and veggies, eggs, & fish) how MUCH you eat and how LITTLE calories are in them. Currently I am snacking on about 4 cups of veggies that total less than 100 calories. (In those veggies are string beans from my mother's garden. Man are they good!)

Anyway, my energy is good today and I am planning on going to bed at a decent time tonight. Just trying to get to be the best I can be and the healthiest I can be. Makes me wonder how much better I could have felt in the past on those down days where coffee and carbs were calling my name.

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