Monday, October 3, 2011

A body in motion...

So Sunday morning I woke up after sleeping in and as I lay in bed thinking I could physically sleep the day away and be fine with that decision Newton's law of motion came to mind. A paraphrase, "A body in motion stays in motion. A body at rest stays at rest." I glanced at my clock and decided that I was going to force myself to get up and go to the farmer's market. I was going to be a body in motion.

Going to the farmer's market is always a good idea because I get the best tasting local veggies and when I buy them I incorporate them in my meals for the week not wanting anything to go to waste. I got to the market as it was opening, spent my allotted $20 in no time at all and then off to the grocery store for things not sold at the market. Once home I decided to stick with Newton and made a list of things to do on my favorite office supply, the index card. As the day went on I was more and more productive and scratched things off my list like I was sword fighting with my pen. Make Aunt Jan's recipe for green beans and vinaigrette for a dish dish for dinners. Check. Make roasted red pepper hummus to go with lunch for the week. Check. List my tv/dvd/vcr on Craigslist. Check. Put up shelves above desk. CHECK. (This was a long time coming and by far my favorite accomplishment. See gritty picture below.) Do laundry so I can have clean workout clothes. Check. Wash sheets. Check. Organize said desk. Desk. Rearrange hallway furniture with living room furniture. Check. Make Laura Calder's Caramelized Onion Tart to take to wine class this week. Check. (Really wanted to eat this as it smelled amazing and looked just perfect but I maintained some self control.) Empty trash and recycling in bed room and bathroom. Check. Clean out refrigerator. Check. Wash and dry al dishes. Check. Put away all laundry. Check. Put up picture in room. Almost check. Apparently we are out of long nails. Who knew? Make run to Goodwill. Still open due to lack of time but that was thrown on last minute and I can do later when they are open.

All in all it is amazing what you can do when unhindered and have a check list. My room feels a million times more organized now that my shelves are up above my desk. So many obstacles have been in my way fo these shelves but Sunday was the day or reckoning. And there is just something about having all of your laundry done and going to bed in clean sheets that puts one's mind at ease. My sense of accomplishment knows no bounds. I finally sat down in the evening and watch one of my favorite movies, Stranger Than Fiction, with my sisters before calling it a day. Hope you guys had a great weekend too!

(Did I mention Saturday was my Cake Decorating Class? Loved it!)

My little desk area. (Trust me, it was really bad before.)