Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hey, hey Donna!

Hello blog world. I have been gone for quite a while but I will not apologize. Life gets busy and honestly I was hoping to do away with blogging. *gasp* You see, blogging takes time and energy, both of which I have been lacking. But today I made an effort to take pictures and am sitting down to share with you.
My sister and I have this little love obsession with Donna Hay. I have talked about her a lot, but what you don't know is that I would stay up for hours and night and just watch her Australian tv on YouTube and dream of cooking and living in Australia as she sous chef. (It can still happen.) Well the sister and I have been talking forever about doing a blog in homage to Donna and calling it "Hey, hey Donna!" (spelling yet to be determined) Well this weekend we set the date and time to do our first photo shoot. My sister had her stellar camera and set up going on while I through together a very healthy frittata for lunches with week. The whole process was quick and seamless and here are the fruits of our "labor".

There is still a lot to learn and practice with food photography but it encourages us to cook and practice those shooting skills. And of course, we will have to start taking pictures for the cookbook I am putting together of my favorite recipes. So thank you Donna Hay for the inspiration and dragging me back into the blogging world.

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  1. Glad you are back, Jane.