Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Week 3 Donna Hay: Asian Fusion

Week 3 was Asian Fusion night or as T (bro-in-law) refers to it as, Asian Confusion night. The Asian fusion was Thai and Chinese mixed, that counts as fusion right? I am learning in this whole cook through a cookbook thing and did as much prep as possible on Wednesday night. I made the onion-lemon grass paste for the vegetables the night before, made all of the sauces, cut the vegetables, and prepared the herbs. So here was the menu:

Starter: Thai Chicken Wonton Stack
Main: Chili-Caramelized Pork on Cucumber Salad
Side: Lemongrass Greens
Dessert: Caramelized Pineapple Tarts

(Pictures taken by E & T, my dinner guests)

Review: Thai chicken wonton stack was so worth it and delicious. Easy to make and the sauce is a keeper. The vegetable, not my favorite. I have never much liked lemongrass and this just fell short for me. The vegetables needed a sauce or else to just do a quick steam with red pepper flakes. The pork was a bit big for me and needed to be cooked longer in the sauce to absorb more flavor. We all agreed that the pork should be marinated in the sauce and then flash fried for a crispier exterior. The sauce once again was amazing and the herbs and beans made the perfect combination. Something about the smell of mint and cilantro is completely intoxicating. The dessert, well you had me with coconut. It was coconut and pineapple and was pretty good. Again we wanted a little more crisp and thought that the pineapple to cook a little longer. The puff pastry has been in the freezer since kingdom come so it did not rise as much as expected.

Overall I liked the mean and would give it a 7 out of 10. All of the fresh herbs, cilantro, basil, and mint really put it over the top for me. The sauces were easy to make and I had almost all of the ingredients already. (Yes, I have fish sauce in the refrigerator.) Overall the meal felt refreshing and I would only make a few modifications to suit my liking.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and bon appetite!

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