Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Had to share a blog I found

Do you ever find that you will be searching through Pinterest and come across a picture that leads you to a user that leads you to a blog that you can't help but think you are long lost best friends?  Just me?  Well that happened last night when I was *ahem* wasting time on Pinterest.  I came across this blog called Can You Stay For Dinner.  I started reading her entries (not just looking at the fun pictures) and felt I could totally relate to her.  I can honestly say I spent more than an hour reading her past blog entries.  Reading about her food journals and hatred of running, counting calories, hearing magazines say that shedding pounds is so easy and wishing someone had the guts out there to say that it is the hardest thing you will ever face and it is not just a 30-day venture but a life-long struggle.  Anyway, she was previously severely overweight and now weighs half of what she did previously and continues to live what I deem a normal life and to share her journey with others. Here are some things I can remember off the top of my head reading and thinking ME TOO!

1. Running sucks and I don't like being sweaty.  Walking is so much more fun and enjoyable and more likely to last as a habit.
2. I love to eat a yummy salad everyday at lunch.  It is just a bonus that it counts of being "healthy".
3. Writing down my food and calories everyday is what works for me and learning what actual portions are is very handy.
4. If you put a dessert in front of me I am going to devour it even if it means I feel stuffed and sick afterwards.  Still working on this.
5. I have gone to Italy and fallen in love with their natural foods, flavors, and joy of life.
6. I can reflect on my life and think to myself that I have never, not once, considered myself skinny.
7. I have taken pictures and tracked my daily calories and even posted about it a few times.
8. Apples are the best snacks!  I have one everyday and I haven't gone to the doctor in a while. *wink*
9. I too live in San Francisco...oh wait, I don't but I would love to!

Any way I just had to share and hope you enjoy her blog too.  Oh, and her food pictures aren't too shabby either.

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  1. I love pinterest. I could waste hours and hours on there. I was looking for recipes on my lunch for dinner tonight and just came across that blog for Chicken Parmesan Wraps.