Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Here is my post

So, how are you?  Me?  Oh I am fine.  Just keeping on keeping on.  I realized it has been quite a while since I posted and I fully blame Ireland even though I got back a week ago.  How was Ireland?  Beautiful landscapes, friendliest people, perfect weather, and a lot of driving.  I am still reflecting on the trip and making some personal notes.  And yes, I have pictures.  Lots and lots, just that I have not yet printed them.  Soon. And when I do you will be the first to know!

I am currently working on summer goals.  Goals?  What can I say? I am a goal-oriented kind of gal.  One of them is getting back on track with my exercise and eating now that my stressful season is over and that I have had a vacation.  I have been dabbling with Tony Horton and Nike+ again not to mention my favorite, the Lose It! app for watching what I eat.  Might I just say, portion size is everything and Tony Horton's P90X is kicking my butt and I am still doing girl push-ups!  Besides getting my health back in line I also have little goals that I want to check as complete.  Goals like:

1. Buying a state park pass and going on fun hikes
2. Visiting/catching up with long lost friends
3. Signing up for another running event
4. Making more Donna Hay meals
5. Going to an art gallery, concert, or museum
6. Picnic in the park
7. Putting a ceiling fan in my bedroom
8. Reading the books that people have given me to read (I have about 20)
9. Finishing books I have started and not quite finished
10. Reading my book club book before book club! (Last one I did not finish)

Okay, that is just the beginning but I think they are pretty doable for summer.  I know I will have more goals and my priorities will change, but at least I have my jumping off point.  To be continued...

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