Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I have been reading...

I have been checking off my goals! Can I just say there is no feeling in the world quite like checking off your to-do list.  A sense of relief and accomplishment all at the same time.  Just checking in on my goals thus far...

1. Buying a state park pass and going on fun hikes
       - I researched the costs and the parks and am waiting until I have a little more money in my bank.
2. Visiting/catching up with long lost friends
       - I am playing phone tag with a few people but today I am going on a run/hike and chatting on the phone with on of my friends so I consider that a step in the right direction.
3. Signing up for another running event
       - See #2.  I am just starting to get back into the grove and have looked at a few events.  Working on it...
4. Making more Donna Hay meals
       - Waiting for my sister to come back from Russia as she is always there to support me and give me her honest opinion.  Plus, she is a great dinner guest.
5. Going to an art gallery, concert, or museum
       - I have a few events scheduled on the horizon!
6. Picnic in the park
       - June gloom set in on the day I was to picnic but there are more opportunities ahead.
7. Putting a ceiling fan in my bedroom
       - Called the guy to come and put it in...haven't heard back yet.  Maybe I should call someone else.  Hmmm....
8. Reading the books that people have given me to read (I have about 20)
       - I have finished 2 since my last post!  One of which was over 700 pages.  Yikes!  Just finishing up this last one before moving on to my book club book.
9. Finishing books I have started and not quite finished
       - See #8
10. Reading my book club book before book club! (Last one I did not finish)
       -See #8

Okay, now I am off to research some fun, healthy picnic recipes while I am on hold for a client....I hate being on hold but hey, multitasking makes it work!

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