Friday, July 6, 2012

Checking in

Goal updates...

1. Buying a state park pass and going on fun hikes - I have gone on hikes, but no pass yet
2. Visiting/catching up with long lost friends - Check!  I may even go visit one far far away if things fall into place...
3. Signing up for another running event - Or biking event?  I really want to Bike The Bay.  Only 25 miles and it is the only time bikes are allowed on the Coronado Bridge.  What do you think?  Oh yea, and I got a sweet new ride which makes biking even easier!
4. Making more Donna Hay meals - check!  And making more this Sunday!
5. Going to an art gallery, concert, or museum - Check!  Concerts in the Park started and you know my sister and I were there.  Only problem was that we brought our own food and no cash so when Bacon Mania was there serving up some nice dishes I missed out.  I was super bummed, but next week I am there!

6. Picnic in the park - Check!  See #5
7. Putting a ceiling fan in my bedroom - I have called 3 times and have not heard back...grrr...
8. Reading the books that people have given me to read (I have about 20) - I just got two more books to add to the pile.  This might have been too lofty of a goal...
9. Finishing books I have started and not quite finished - doing well so far
10. Reading my book club book before book club! (Last one I did not finish) - Did you see my last "Think About It Thursday" quote?  That was from my bookclub book.  :)

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