Monday, July 30, 2012

You Win Target

I dare you to find someone that can walk into Target to buy laundry detergent and only buys laundry detergent and does not end up leaving 3 bag fulls later. You can't can you? Target has been my love since an early age and this weekend was no exception.  Final score, Target 1, Me 0. Will power was left outside and I perused the isles.  I had one thing to buy and left with a big bag full of goodies.  Including...

The bracelet was on sale and I have been looking for this color nail polish for a while.  I hardly ever, ever paint my fingernails but I have decided to start again and I have absolutely no bracelets.  (Toenails are always painted and how could I not own a single bracelet?!?)  I bought a bunch of really cute articles of clothing as for some reason my summer wardrobe seems to have diminished to a nub.  Now my wardrobe is infused with color, fashion, and comfort.

Dear Target, I need to take a break as I am on a budget.  Please stop offering my really cute things for a really good deal.  I take that back, keep it coming!

Of course it does not help when my sister sends me THIS article this morning talking about Target and Neiman Marcus joining up for a fashion celebration.  When is my next pay day?

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  1. So true! I was once able to walk out of Target with only one item but only because I walked in with $10 and refused to look at anything else!