Monday, August 13, 2012

Ireland...Doolin, Dublin, and more

Cows along the road in Doolin

A secluded cemetery I found on top of the hills in Doolin

A few of one of the B&B's we stayed at in Doolin. 

Apparently Ireland does not sell Lucky Charms but we found a box at what we call the Whole Foods of Ireland in Dublin, Fallon & Bryne.

Splitting a [huge] burger with my sister at the Rustic Stone in Dublin.  A must eat restaurant if you are ever there.  Great food and fun memories.

One of the many political signs hung around the cities.  I love how active people are in Europe regarding government.

The sisters and I stopping to stretch our legs along the road.

Ha! Oh the street signs in Ireland.  They are there when you don't need them and absent when you do.  My first act as president of Ireland would be to reestablish all road signs in the country.

Only part of an Irish Breakfast that is included with your room at the B&Bs.  The breakfast food was outstanding.

That is right, this was our view from the car.

Guiness signs were everywhere which made me love the pride of the Irish.

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