Saturday, August 18, 2012

Week 10 Donna Hay: Vegtarian Fare

Raspberry tea was served with dinner
This past weekend my sisters and I had on the calendar that we were going to go to my mother's Saturday morning and garden.  As the days progressed the projected temperature at her house kept increasing until it teetered out at 108 degrees F.  Needless to say we opted to not garden and instead had my mother come out to the coast where we live for an impromptu lunch.  I decided it was time to try the Vegetarian Fare as it seemed light and refreshing for such a hot day.

The menu:

Garlic and Sage Marinated Antipasto

I was thinking about calories and nutrition and decided that I would scale down the appetizer recipe a bit.  In hind site I am really glad I did as it still made quite a large portion.  I hate to say this, okay no I do not, but this tasted like an appetizer at a gourmet restaurant with the garlic infused olive oil and the fresh feta.  I am making this at my next dinner party!  (Oh yeah, I forgot to rub the bread with garlic but I still loved the flavors.)

Simple Leeks and Ricotta Tarts
The leek tart was very simple to make and had a perfect flavor combination.  Some changes for the next time would include cutting the ricotta mixture in half as I only used half of the recipe.  Also, I would toss the leeks in the thyme and butter as it was extremely difficult to "brush" once the leeks were on the ricotta.  Lastly, I would use two baking trays as the tarts were a little squished on one pan. (Use a silpat, that way it won't burn nor stick when cooking.)

Fennel and Parsley Salad
 The side was fennel which tastes like black liquorice with a grainy mustard dressing.  Two of my least favorite flavors.  The fennel was store bought and had a very mild taste.  My mother really liked the side dish so that is all that counts.  It won't be one that I will make for myself though.

Raspberry-Spiked Chocolate Brownies
Dessert turned into a parfait as the brownie would just not cook through.  The chocolate and raspberry were very rich so I am glad we cut the richness down with intermittent vanilla ice cream topped with frozen raspberries.

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