Thursday, October 4, 2012

Week 12 Donna Hay: Asian Feast

Please forgive me.  It has been forever since I have posted about Donna Hay which is not to say that I have not made any.  Okay, I have only made one meal and that was a few weeks ago and unfortunately I made it when my photographers were not around.  Sorry no pictures.

So scheduling a family dinner has not been working out and I had been itching to make another Donna Hay meal and decided to just make it.  I was feeling something easy and with chicken as I had some left over from when I made my pulled chicken alla Kelsey Nixon.  This menu came from the beginning of the book and was a snap to make.  (Plus I had most of the ingredients.)  Truth be told, dessert was made on a separate night because the dough was not cold enough for the cookies and I was a bit full.  Now for the menu.

Sesame Salt Sugar Snap Peas 
Snap peas were a breeze to put together and fool proof.  Plus, snap peas are amazing just off the vine so you really cannot mess this one up.
Wok-Fried Salt and Pepper Chicken 
Just a slight spice on cooked chicken pieces.  Not the most flavorful main dish.  Next time I need to add a bit more spice.  Also, this dish had broccoli mixed in which happens to be my least favorite vegetable of all times, but with some red peppers it is almost tolerable.  Needless to say my vegetarian sister like it.

Peanut and Coriander Noodles 
I am not going to lie, I used only 1/4 cup of peanuts as opposed to the 1 cup the recipe called for because 1) 1 cup was way too much and 2) I am not a peanut fan.  Any other nut I love, just not particularly found of George Washington Carver's crowning glory nut. (My mother made me read his biography when I was younger which I loved and never forgot it.)  The noodles were good and of course the coriander or what we call in the states, cilantro, was fabulous.  The noodle dish needed another kick as well.  Maybe a little more acid with the noodles next time and tossed in with a bit of vegetables.

Coconut and Lime Ice-Cream Sandwiches
This recipe called for vanilla biscuit cookies which could be found at the grocery store.  Perhaps Australian grocery stores have the lovely morsels, but here in the States our grocery stores like to have cupcakes at the ready.  One thing I love about Donna's books is every so often she will have asterisks next to ingredients which means you can turn to the back of the book and find a quick and simple recipe to make the ingredient yourself.  I was in luck as there was an asterisk next to the cookies and in the back of the book was a really simple recipe.  Bad news, the recipe was so simple and delicious I can see myself whipping some up on a whim and making dozens of them!  I mean how can you go wrong with vanilla and coconut ice cream sandwiches. 

In summary, a bit of tweaking is needed for my taste buds, but the meal was definitely satisfying, pretty healthy, and something I am going to play around with in the future.

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