Monday, November 19, 2012

Week 14 Donna Hay: Autumn Feast

I found out Saturday that some extended family and out of town friends were going to be coming over for dinner.  I volunteered to make a Donna Hay meal as it would be fun entertaining and I needed to check another one off of my list.  Upon review of the meals I had left, hoe could I not chose Autumn Feast considering the season outside.

The table was set and dinner as served.

The Menu:

pancetta with blue cheese and pear
Best laid plans would have been pears with this salad, but alas dessert called for figs which I am sad to say are not in season right now.  I opted to have the pears go with dessert and used a black apple to the starter salad.  The pancetta was cooked under the broiler which made clean up a cinch and was no time to cook at all.  The flavors blended well and the mixture of textures was perfect.

garlic roast lamb cutlets on a bed of roasted potatoes and zucchini

lemon butter pan spinach
What could be easier than roasting dinner?  A quick chop of the potatoes and zucchini, pop them in the oven.  Brown the lamb then toss that on the veggies in the roasting pan topped with a delicious honey-mustard and mint dressing.  Everything came out cooked perfectly, and again that honey-mustard combination was a hit.  The only snafu was I called several places for lamb cutlet but was unsuccessful.  I ended up buying a rack of lamb and separating out the pieces.  I think next time I may try to order the meat so that there are thicker pieces.  The spinach side, how can you go wrong with spinach and lemon?  Next time I need to keep the spinach pan on low to keep hot for serving and needed to make much more as I could have had the whole serving myself!

fig pie
So you may notice something missing in the picture.  You see, this was my sister's piece that she was sitting and enjoying and then happened to remember I needed a picture.  I guess that meant she liked it?  I did too.  Not too sweet at all.  As I mentioned earlier this was suppose to be a fig pie but there were no figs available to I morphed dessert into a pear tart.  I modified Donna's shortcrust recipe by adding less flour and butter and adding a dash of sugar and vanilla.  I tossed the pears in about a tablespoon of sugar before baking and topped with honey just before serving.  I felt it was the perfect sweetness and my guest loved it.  Again the brother-in-law declared the meal "Perfect!" and said I must make it again soon.

Another great Donna Hay!  Hope you enjoyed the pictures by everyAugust.

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  1. I was bragging about this delicious meal to J and A the other day! It really was excellent. I plan on picking up the Donna Hay cookbook soon.