Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Paleo in January

I have to say, if you had asked me a year ago if I would ever eat Paleo I would have laughed in your face.  Now truth be told, I was slightly misinformed as to what Paleo entailed, but still would have been quite resistant to trying it out.  As it turns out, trying new things can be quite rewarding. 

From what I have read, heard, and gathered thus far, Paleo eating is eating meat directly from the source, tons of vegetables, and some fruit.  Consumables not included in Paleo include alcohol, sugar, and processed food. So to sum up you are eating food directly from the source which I must admit I try to do more often than not.  (Although I do love my wine.)

How this all started was my brother-in-law decided to do Paleo in December for health reasons (worst month to give up booze and sugar, I know) and my sister jumped on board to support him.  As it turns out I had a very close friend have some recent health issues as well and was leaning towards trying this lifestyle in January.  All of them had started reading the book "It Starts With Food" by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig.  (Visit their blog HERE.)  I was not fully committed for January until my sister then picked up the cookbook "Well Fed" by Melissa Joulwan.  (Visit her blog HERE.)  I started flipping through the book and decided to give it a go after reading that she had a recipe for SCOTCH EGGS. 

Yes, Scotch Eggs.  If you have not had the opportunity to try these tasty nuggets let me describe them to you.  You take a hard-boiled egg, wrap it up in some seasoned pork, coat in bread crumbs, and usually fry it up.  Holy crap the flavors will knock your socks off.  The Well Fed version uses the baking verses frying method and uses crushed pork rinds (Chicharrones) instead of bread crumbs. 
Scotch Eggs from the Well Fed cookbook
You might not be able to tell from the picture, but these suckers were huge!  Some notes on the recipe and my future alterations.

1. The spice combination was delicious!  Not going to change a thing there.
2. Umm..Pork Rinds are delicious.  Thank you for reintroducing those to me.
3. Holy crap, way to much meat!  I think next time I will cut the amount of pork in half for each egg.  I have some leftover and intend to cut each egg in half for a serving size. No thank you to food babies.
4. These were too salty for me.  Good, but apparently I am not used to that much salt.  (Reduce salt by half)
5. I am a fan of calorie counting and nutrition tracking.  These tasty morsels (or giants) had a lot more fat than I am used to eating and made me feel a bit weighed down.  Also, just because Paleo sounds healthy does not necessarily mean that recipes you find are.  Each egg was 450 calories from the version I made which did not have the egg wash or second coating of pork rinds.  With so much meat you need tons of vegetable to eat along side so I would definitely scale down the size of the portions in this recipe in her book and calculate the nutrition on your own.

All that to say, the next night the family and I had these suckers...
Citrus Carnitas via Well Fed cookbook
Citrus Carnitas which were pretty tasty but I might modify a bit for my flavor palate.  A pinch of salt was needed (as opposed to the last recipe) and a bit more citrus.  We paired this is salad, jicama, and sweet potato "fries". 

Tonight, a new adventure!  I am going to try brining my chicken breaks and grilling with a spice rub.  I have never eaten this much meat in my life!  And thanks Melissa Joulwan!

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