Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lucky Dozen...Again | Week 2

This week was a little tougher for me to find new combinations.  I say that because I did layering a few times and my clothes felt really bulky.  I have thick material for all of them so I in a way felt like I was wearing a parka.  Also, my jeans are too big again.  I have not lost any more weight, but perhaps my weight is shifting.  I am irritated because now I once again have no pair of jeans that fit me correctly.  I have the belt as tight as it can go but the jeans bunch out at the waist and I fell a bit awkward.  Maybe it was just an off week and next week will be better.  Here are the outfits (except Sunday as I was cleaning all day and did not really get dressed in clothes for going out).

(These were the black pants I had taken in, unfortunately they are still big.)
(I loved this outfit.  I am really glad I bought this skirt.  I feel like it is really flattering.)

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