Friday, June 14, 2013

Is it really June?

It is seriously June?  I cannot believe it is mid-year already but at the same time I feel like a lot has happened this year.  I have had a lot of personal goals and transitions in my life.  I was excited that I was able to go to Catalina and have such a great time.  And although I have been watching what I eat and still working out, I have not really lost any weight since January.  Now granted, the first four months of the year are extremely stressful with my job and I was waking up in the middle of the night thinking about clients and projects.  Despite the high level of stress I was able to maintain my weight during my busy season at work which is huge to me and a first.

The summer time always sparks new goals towards health and fitness.  After all, it is swimsuit season.  My sister and I decided to do Paleo June.  Not Whole 30 June, but Paleo and it has been interesting so far.

I actually started Paleo mid-March but had a day off for family dinner.  I also had a girls night planned at my house for June and knew I was not going to be full Paleo on that day.  For the most part, the meal was actually healthy and Paleo.  I did have some berry crumble for dessert and woke up the next morning feeling sick and my throat started to close.  It was weird.  I have never experienced that before and began to wonder if I was allergic to something.  Was it the sugar, the flour, what?  I actually even started to cut back on my fruit as after talking with a friend I began to wonder if I was substituting high-sugar fruits for other sugary foods I was no longer eating.  I had a piece of fruit yesterday for the first time in a week and loved it.  I found my craving for sugar has lessened significantly though so I want to be cognizant of my fruit/sugar intake.

Here is one of my breakfasts I had (before I gave up fruit).

Canadian bacon and egg cups with 1c. cherries (in season!)

Jamie Dean Radish Salad (less the cheese), carrots, and sausage, peppers, and onions

Green salad of romaine, scallions, and avocado with spice-rubbed brined chicken and sweet Italian peppers
I was thinking the other day about what has made me successful with losing weight and being healthier.  I would have to credit two things (not in order).  Number one, Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD.  A non-stop workout that kicks your butt, has levels for you to progress, and is only 30 minutes.  I find I am much more likely to workout if I know I just have to block out 30 minutes of my day as opposed to an hour.  I can get up 1/2 and hour earlier and be fine.  The idea of getting up an entire hour earlier is insane to me since I am already up pretty early and really value sleep.  If I do not work out in the morning I find that 30 minutes after I get home is doable as well.  Getting home and working out for an hour and then trying to make dinner gets to be too late.  I try not to eat after 7pm and working out that long would push me past that limit everyday.

Number two is grocery shopping, weekend cooking, and planning and packing meals ahead of time.  I am for the most part a creature of habit.  I find meals that I like and work for me I try to stick to those consistently.  I occasionally spice it up and try a new weekly meal, but knowing I have a meal that is healthy, tasty, and ready to go makes my day much less stressful and keeps me on the right track.  My food is all pre-packed in my refrigerator and easy to grab and go in the morning.  Also, if I know I am going to have a big meal with friends and/or family I make sure to do a much longer and intense workout to make up for the bigger meals, or scale down my other meals of the day to keep in balance.  

Anyway, thought I would share my June and one of my summer goals.  Hope you are kicking off summer in a positive light and attitude.  Just remember, you are important and your hard work is worth it.