Thursday, July 4, 2013

East-Borough (Costa Mesa, CA)

It all started with Pinterest, as do a lot of things now.  I was scrolling through random images when I came across this pin which gave me a totally great idea.

It is basically a restaurant passport.  You make a list of 50 restaurants you have never gone to in your area but have always wanted to try.  Then you have a list going when you are headed out for the night and can check them off one at a time.  Let me tell you I hate the "where should we go tonight" back and forth discussion.  Conversation avoided with this handy list!

For me, the first 20 restaurants I wanted to try came to me in a flash.  The other 30 are going to be added when they cross my mind. Any suggestions?

On the top of my list was the restaurant East-Borough located at The Camp in Costa Mesa.  The restaurant is a combination of Vietnamese and French style cooking.  The seating is an open outdoor area with a great water feature in the center that cascades from a steel sheet boasting the restaurant's name.  When I first walked up to order I was greeted with the smell of Thai Basil and knew this was going to be good. The girl at the counter made a suggestion, including telling my the correct pronunciation on a few menu items, and I took a seat next to the calming water feature.

I ordered the Grilled Pork & Green Papaya salad and a side order of baguette.  The salad was a good size and very refreshing, especially with the warm weather we are having.  In my salad was also the basil I had smelled and what tasted like a hint of tarragon leaves.  Great flavor combinations and the texture of the meat and soft and crunching greens made the meal complete.  I also liked that the dressing was on the side and you could decide how much you wanted to add the your own salad.

Did I mention the prices were also pretty good?  Well they were.  Check out the menu HERE.  My sister ordered the Vermicelli Noodles which were served with a large salad made up of mixed lettuce and herbs accompanied with an egg roll.  She seemed pretty happy with her choice.

I am already planning on coming back and ordering a Bánh Mì (Vietnamese sandwiches on baguettes).

I am glad this was the first restaurant to kick off my 50 restaurants to try.  If you are in the LA / OC / SD area in Southern California I would love some suggestions!

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