Friday, July 26, 2013

House of Big Fish and Ice Cold Beer (Laguna Beach)

House of Big Fish Laguna Beach

So despite my lack of blogging, I have been busy.  I started a new job two weeks ago and am really enjoying the change.  I also found out that I got into graduate school and have been scrambling to get all of my documents together before the new semester starts.  Not to mention, I have been hitting up restaurants on my list.

As you remember, Pinterest had a lovely suggestion of making a list of restaurants in your area you have never gone to.  So when you are all sitting around trying to decide where to go for dinner your decision is seamless.

I have a good friend who lives down in San Clemente where I used to work.  We would get together at least once a week and have a picnic lunch or just hang out and discuss life, politics, and religion (my favorite topics).  Since I no longer work down there we are making an effort to meet half way for dinner and I suggested a restaurant off of my list, House of Big Fish and Ice Cold Beer.  I have actually wanted to go here for years and am so glad that I finally made it happen.

Warning: summer time in Laguna Beach means an influx of tourists not to mention Pageant of the Masters traffic so parking came be quite a....well you know.

House of Big Fish is located south of Broadway Street on Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Beach.  The exterior seating offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and is absolutely gorgeous at sunset.  The hostess was actually great and let us sit in the reserve section overlooking the water as a spot had just opened up so we lucked out.  Next, them menu.  My friend and I were so enamored with the menu choices that we decided to order a few things and sample each. 
Bacon Wrapped Scallops House of Big Fish Laguna Beach
I opted for the Bacon Wrapped Scallops that came on a bed of sweet corn & wild mushroom risotto.  She ordered the Lobster Risotto with mushroom, asparagus, and Parmesan.  Sides are sold separately so considering were had a lot of starch we ordered roasted brussel sprouts (sans gorgonzola) and a kale salad.  I immediately fell in love with the perfectly succulent scallops and the golden brown crisped bacon which was also perfectly cooked.  Then the risotto...I am not sure if it was because I had not had rice in quite a while or what, but I could have licked the pan to gather every morsel left.  She felt the same about the lobster risotto.  Our sides where just okay, but I have a feeling they would have been over shadowed by the entrées anyway.  brussel sprouts needed to be a bit more cooked and the salad needed a bit more texture.
Lobster Risotto at House of Big Fish Laguna Beach

No dessert here, we were quite full.  And yes, I know you are going to ask about the beer.  I did not have any.  I don't like beer.  I ordered a glass of the La Crema and called it a night.  By all means, if you head here, please do try their beers.
Kale Salad & Roasted Brussel Sprouts at House of Big Fish Laguna Beach

In conclusion, I am so glad I went.  Loved the atmosphere, the food, and the company.  I will be hitting this place up again soon.

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