Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee (Costa Mesa, CA)

I was shopping at Whole Foods this week getting the essentials.  You know, coffee and wine.  While checking out the cashier commented on my coffee and asked if I had ever tried Stumptown Coffee that Sidecar Doughnuts sold.  Excuse me!?  It was like this guy knew that doughnuts were my absolute kryptonite and what the heck was Sidecar Doughnuts?!?  He explained it was a new "doughnutery" that opened up in Costa Mesa and if I liked Intelligentsia Coffee I would like Stumptown Coffee.  Needless to say that Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee made my list of restaurants to try immediately.

I went home, told the family, and we made a Saturday morning breakfast date.

Sidecar Donuts is a new doughnut and coffee house located on 17th Street in East Side Costa Mesa.  Hours  of operation are 6:30a - 4:00p daily.  Unique flavors of doughnuts made fresh daily from only the best ingredients.

You walk in and to the little shop and are immediately confronted with amazing smells from their kitchen calling you to sample not just one, but maybe another doughnut as well.

And that people, is why you travel in packs (Insert wolf pack joke here).  We ordered a bunch of doughnuts and cut them up to share.  My top two I wanted to try turned out to be my favorite.
Maple Bacon Doughnut straight out the oven anyone?!?!  I have to say, I thought the maple bacon doughnut I had at the Orange County Fair last year was the best, but this rivaled that donut and it is much more convenient all year round and at a greatly reduced quantity than Fair-size food.  Yum.....yum.

My second favorite was the Monte Cristo Doughnut.

Sorry about the lack of pictures of the other ones sampled, but we were kind of eating Zombie Apocalypse style meaning everyman for himself as fast as you can!  Or, I was just in rapture from the heavenly tastes that I may have forgotten to take pictures.  You decide.  And yeah, you see that bacon?  It was cooked to perfection!

And of course after all of that I did order the Stumptown Coffee and have to agree, it is pretty darn good.  Thank you Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee, you rock!  I will be coming back.

Another restaurant checked off the list.  I cannot wait to see where I end up next!

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