Monday, July 29, 2013

Wine Lab (Costa Mesa)

Wine Lab anyone?  I had the opportunity to finally go to Wine Lab located at The Camp in Costa Mesa with an old colleague of my.  She too took the plunge and decided to find a new job so we went there to celebrate.  I have passed by here so many times, it was beginning to be a joke that I had never gone.

One of the first things you will notice is their amazing happy hour deal.  Red or white wine flights for only $8.  Each pour is 2 ounces which is perfect for sampling so I decided to go with the red wine flight before I even had a chance to look over the rest of the menu.  We also ordered a few appetizers to pair with our wine.  We sat down at the bar and behind us they were projecting the movie Spaceballs.  Classic.  I grew up appreciating Mel Books films and I can say that Spaceballs is my favorite.  I took this as a good sign.

Now you will have to pardon me as I do not have all the detail of the wine tasted, but I did take a few notes.  When you order the flight our server informed us that it was preset for each day and the flights vary depending on the day and what is available.  They are served to you in test tubes vials so you can pour at your own leisure.  Being a math and science nerd, I loved the presentation!  I also loved the forethought that went into this idea as people drink at different paces and why not let them chose when they wanted the next pour.

The wines tasted were as described:
1 – 2012 Napa Organic Pinot Noir
2 – 2011 Argentinia Malbec
3 – 2009 Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon

Now I have to say, I was expecting to really only like the Malbec as 2012 grapes have been inconsistent, in my opinion, as have organic wines.  Also, the Chilean wines I have had are usually chalked with sediment and has an off-putting flavor to me.  Those may have been the cases in the past, not so at the Wine Lab.  I enjoyed all of them.  Okay, I really enjoyed the Chilean wine.  In fact, I liked it so much I am going back to buy a bottle that they sell for only $15!  The wine was pretty good, but when I nibbled on the gouda from Holland I was sold.  Those two were a match made in Heaven.  Seriously, I am not sure I have ever had such a perfect pairing before in my life.  And believe me, I do the research. 

We laughed, talked, ate, and drank.  A really relaxed atmosphere with a bit of fun character.  Nothing pretentious about this place and yet they have ever reason to act so.  Again, a successful restaurant/bar tried.  In fact, by the time you read this post I will have gone again. 
Wine and cheese anyone?  Come on over!

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