Monday, February 3, 2014

My updated goals

Happy Year of the Horse! I have realized that I have been a little lax about my goals lately and it has shown.  Being in school and busy with work is no excuse to neglect my personal life.  I like to set yearly, monthly, and weekly goals for myself.  Somehow ever Chines New Year is a reminder to get back on track.  (I refuse to make resolutions as those just appear to be nebulous dreams.)

I came across an inspirational quote a few weeks back that really gave me a kick in the pants.  "A goal without a plan is just a wish."  I did not want to be a wishful person, but rather one of action.  I planned my 2014 goals in December and they have been turning out well.

1. Use up my existing stationary - I have tons of great stationary and I have decided that it will all be used before the year's end.  This is a piggyback goal from last year when I decided I was going to be more active in my relationships.  Whenever I thought of someone I was going to let them know as I have a tendency of keeping things to myself whether that is a text, email, call, or note.  So far I am doing well on the stationary usage front.

2. Improve my vocabulary - I have to admit, Benedict Cumberbatch was really the impetus for this goal.  Watching and reading interviews with him really galvanized me to take the next step and to be proactive about improving and using my existing vocabulary that I may tend to refrain from using as I am afraid others will not understand.  Maybe by using such words and expressions I will arose that desire in others as well.

3. Be a little more hedonistic - I tend to put aside my needs and desires for others, even without expressing I am doing so.  I tend to keep my dissent to myself and allow others to sway my movements.  I love buying other people gifts, but I also realize I tend to not buy things for myself out of some weird and twisted outlook that I am not worthy.  I have decided that I am going to actually take the book of Ecclesiastes more seriously and live and enjoy life for who knows how long we all really have on this Earth.

4. Make a large purchase - ...more to come later...

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