Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tuesdays with E

It's that time again.  And by that time I mean Tuesday French dinner night. This menu was strictly from The Bonne Femme Cookbook by Mini Moranville.

The dishes included Lemon-Saffron Rosemary Wings (I used chicken breasts) and Green Beans with White Onion Roux.

I have this amazing friend whom gave me a big bag of saffron from Iran as a gift.  (I know, she is an awesome friend.) I had been itching to try a recipe with the luscious red strands when I saw the lemon-saffron rosemary wings recipe.  I knew I could turn this appetizer into a main course.  Opening my refrigerator I saw the bag of farmer's market green beans I had purchased and consulted the index of The Bonne Femme Cookbook to see what side dish I could concoct and found the white onion with roux recipe.  If I had not found an adequate recipe I was going to have to make my Aunt Jan's Green Beans.  (Those are my favorite.)

Gathering the ingredients I marched over to my sisters place where she set the table while I was a mad scientist preparing our feast.

How was it?  Well let me tell you a little story.  As I was serving up the green beans my sister said not to give her too many as she was not starving. I assured her that if she did not eat all of the beans I would finish them for her. (I love green beans, have I mentioned that?)  Well as it turns out both of us were licking out plates and not a scant crumb was left. Another successful French dinner notched in the belt.

I feel inspired to continue the efforts and to read, cook, and experience more of that the French life has to offer.

Now go cook something and enjoy!

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