Saturday, January 31, 2015

Inspiration: Mastering Your Mind

I had been in a negative mind funk lately and couldn't seem to get out of it.  While on a long walk recently I was listening to what has become one of my favorite podcasts and was inspired.  The podcast is the called The Simple Sophisticate and can be found at the iTunes store by clicking HERE.

The host also happens to write for one of my favorite blogs called The Simply Luxurious Life in which her outlook on how to live ones life is highly in tune with my own outlook.

Anyway, here were her ten tips to Mastering Your Mind.  I encourage your to listen to the podcast as well as read the show notes HERE.

How To Master Your Mind according to Shannon Ables

1. Examine your core beliefs
2. Don't give up after the first attempt
3. Exhibit more gratitude
4. Use brain energy productively
5. Practice regularly
6. Think rationally and realistically
7. Don't surpress emotion
8. Be patient, delay gratification
9. Practice becoming more comfortable with discomfort
10. Become self-compassionate

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