Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Last night in Paris

Menu at La Cave Bourgogne
First bite of escargot!
Duck confit at La Cave Bourgogne
Dessert menu at La Cave Bourgogne
Tarte Tartin
Creme Brulee

Tuesday was our last day and night in Paris. The day turned out to be a long one. We were up early and off to tour our last few companies in Paris for our class. Each tour ended up going over the time allotment.

As it was going to be our last day we had planned on going to the Musee d'Orsay before it closed at 6PM. After we left our last company the four of us who have been hanging out slit off from the group and sprinted towards the museum. I had wanted to spend more time there and eat their amazing Le Restaurant but alas, you can only control your own actions. We made it to the museum before 5PM and were able to see Rodin, Monet, Renoir and several more great artists that truly make the d'Orsay spectacular. The restaurant was not open for dinner that evening and so we adjusted our schedule accordingly. We headed over to the Lourve to see the pyramid and the gardens before walking to Angelina's for dinner.

Apparently Angelina's stops serving dinner at 6PM so we opted to share a few desserts instead with the idea of eating dinner later. When in pastries.

After Angelina's we headed back to the hotel to drop off Angela as she was going to the Moulin Rougue with he rest of our group. Monica, Rosanna, and I had independently not signed up to go as we had been to Paris before. It was after 9:30PM when the group left and we doodled around before making a dinner decision. I had checked TripAdvisor and Yelp for restaurants in our area and was not too impressed by the reviews. Not wanting to have a mediocre meal on my last night in Paris, we were scratching our heads on where to go. The group had been turing to me for decisions after I had shared with them some Paris favorites of mine. I asked if they trusted me and they said yes and that was all I needed to make my final decision.

You see, the last time I was in Paris the sisters and I discovered an amazing restaurant feet from our apartment only the last few days we were in town. My oldest sister had ordered the escargot and I never had and slightly regretted that decision. I knew this was my only chance to make up for that so we were off to Rue Moffetard once more.

Once again magic was in the air. Cave La Bourgogne was open and we cruised in. Our waiter, Girad, who spoke not a lick of English, was charming and a delight. we managed to communicate with the little French we knew as well as a little Spanish and Italian.

I have to say, this meal is now going on the list for top meals of my life. I insinuated to Girard I was thinking about getting the snail and he said it was a must. I asked the other two ladies if they would try some and they couldn't quite commit. I ordered them anyway not wanting to regret this opportunity once more. When the escargot/snail dish came I was speechless. There is not possible way to describe how insanely good this dish was. Monica and Rosanna ended up trying the snails as well as by the end there was not one morsel left in the dish. The sauce the snails were in had such a depth of flavor and yet the flavors that made the sauce could not be pinpointed out as they were perfectly combined in this harmonious dish.

After the appetizer came the mains. I had ordered the rabbit, or the "Cuisee de Lapin" but was informed that they had run out. The waiter then suggested the duck or "Confit de Canard". Monica had the "Cote de bouef" and Rosanna the white fish in a white sauce or the "Filet de lieu noir". Oh my word. We all flipped our lids. How could these dishes be just as spectacular as the snails? This course took us forever to eat (I could not quite finish truth be told) and the owner and waiter kept trying to take away our dishes and we refused as we were still trying to finish as it was just too good.

Once we had finally given up on finishing the plate we of course ordered dessert. I had to have the tarte tartin as again, this was something I wanted last time I was in Paris but it was not in season. Monica had the creme brulee, as is her standby, and Rosanna the Charlotte Poire. Again, speechless at how another course was just as spectacular. I finished my dessert and so did the other ladies.

After Monica had her coffee we checked the time and were astonished at how late it was. We said our farewells to Girard and literally ran to the Metro. As it were, we only were able to make it one Metro stop before the Metro closed down. (It was after 1:30AM). I took out my phone and looked at the map in the Metro station before we decided that walking back was our best option and plus, walking back would help deal with the copious amounts of food our bodies were now going to try to digest. We made it back to the hotel and off to bed. Sleep would have to wait for another day.

I am so glad we took the chance and had a great last meal before said au revoir.

We will miss you Paris, but thank you for the memories!

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