Monday, January 5, 2015

Paris when it's cold

Me eating truffle rigatoni at Le Cafe du Marche
Eiffel Tower when its foggy
As I write this blog, my fingers are still thawing from the frigged air. Paris had a high of 40F degrees today and boy did I feel it. I am certainly glad that I packed my gloves and warm socks. Despite the sub-California temperatures I made sure i was out and about pounding the pavement at any free moment.

After our classes this morning we arrived back at hotel around 1:30PM and headed straight away to Le Cafe du Marche which had been a favorite of mine from my first trip to Paris. I our course ordered the Truffle Rigatoni, a bottle of wine, share dessert, and a cafe to finish. we had a lovely time eating and then walking the street and searching the markets on Rue Cler. Angela in our group had never had a french macaron and wanted to buy some from one of the three chocolate shops we passed in a matter of five minutes. we shuffled into Francois Pralus on Rue Cler, thankful to have a reprieve from cold breeze. I was not anticipating buying anything but had a sample of the brioche with pink sugar rocks and was captivated. I happily paid the €6 for the small loaf to be enjoyed later with a nice bottle of wine. The store owner told me the bread would last about 5 days. Not enough time to take home with me so it would have to be consumed while abroad. Oh darn!

From Rue Cler we walked over to see the Eiffel Tower during the daylight of which we had about 5 minutes left before the early sunset. As the lights lit up on the tower and the fog settled in you could feel magic in the air. We strolled around under the tower running into other people who were also on our trip. Taking some last snap shots of the tower we headed off for a cafe to warm our once again cold bones. Once again we walked, talked, laughed, snap pictures, and lost track of time. Tomorrow is another full day and are hoping to make it to the Musee d'Orsay before it closes as tomorrow is our last day in Paris. Is it sad that I miss it already?

Enjoy some photos, wish I had taken more.

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  1. Le Cafe du Marche! Love. Where is the hamburger eaten with a knife? Nobody tried it?