Wednesday, February 18, 2015

2015 Year of the Ram

Year of the Ram, Sheep, or Goat as it is know in Chinese culture is the year 2015.  (February 19, 2015 to be specific.) For my sisters and I this is the New Years we truly enjoy celebrating.  Somehow January 1st is still too close to the holidays and proper reflection time cannot be had.  The Chinese New Year is a full month later and somehow brings more weight in the meaning.

The year of the Ram (I am going with Ram because I am a Capricorn) is meant to stand for invention, perseverance, good manners, taste, and yet also worry and lack of foresight.  With these characteristics in mind I have set some goals I want to work on in 2015.

Year of the Ram Goals:

1. Go to more cultural events.  I have been jonesing to go to a new and fabulous art exhibit, more concerts, and maybe even expand my horizon and attend a lecture on a new topic. Upon traveling, you are out and about and rarely in your hotel room. You are exposed to all that your surroundings have to offer which in turn offer up lifelong memories and experiences.  Seeing the Eiffel Tower at night while sipping coffee and talking Brazilian dance lessons in a Parisian cafe.  Art, culture, history, all rolled into one.  My last night in London I had an opportunity to chat with about 15 people from across Europe in which we discussed art, culture, and history.  I was in heaven.  History is not my strong suit but I have been noticing that I have been a sponge lately as history helps to have a greater understanding of arts and culture.  I want to have more nights like this and the one mentioned in Paris to help expand my own experiences and world views.

2. Cook more/have more dinner parties.  Almost self-explanatory but cooking and having dinner parties makes me happy and makes me socialize more. I want to try out a few more recipes from my cookbooks and this is a way to make me do it.

3. Multi-task less.  I have come to the realization that multi-tasking is actually harmful rather than being super productive.  It splits your focus and details are missed.  You end up doing two mediocre tasks rather than spending the time to do things well.  I have been multi-tasking so much that I find when I am expected to do one task at a time it is harder for me to focus.  I am going to fix that.

4. Set realistic and challenging goals and complete them. I want to get back to setting goals and working towards something.  Setting goals helps me to focus on what is important and completing goals has such a wondrous impact on my psyche that is a reward in and of itself.

5. Make at least one cooking video.  This is a fun project that I have want to do for quite some time and finally decided to write it down so that I have to do it. I have actually never made a video before so this should be interesting.

I have decided to only do 5 goals because I want to be realistic and focused on just those tasks.  I hope you too can set some goals for the Year of the Ram.

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