Saturday, February 28, 2015

March Goals

Since my February goals worked out pretty well, I am sharing with you my March goals.  I am trying to limit my monthly goals to just 5 things, as too many is setting me up for failure and too few is not much of a challenge.

I created a page in my Filofax that shows the month, birthdays of the month, holidays, and monthly goals.  I have the page at the front of my Filofax so that when I open it up it reminds me and keeps me focused on my goals.  I find that visually seeing the written goals is what works best for me.  Also, the birthday and holiday listing is quite helpful.

Now for my March goals.

1. Finish my Nike+ challenge. Less than 40 miles to go by the 28th.  I think I can swing it.

2. Read Hidden Girl: The True Story of a Modern Day Slave by Shyima Hall.  I am not sure where to start with the book but I will say this, human trafficking is closer than you think and may even be happening right next door.  That is the issue this book talks about.  A memoir by Shyima Hall who was a slave living in Irvine, California before authorities found her and brought her to safety.  Now a spokeswoman against human trafficking, this books sets to discuss the little secret no one talks about.  I bought this book when it first came out as I wanted to support Ms. Hall as this is something I truly believe in.  I am now finally going to read her story.

If you want to support the fight against human trafficking, I highly suggest Restore NYC non-profit.  Check out their website HERE.

3. Burn my CDs to my computer.  I have hundreds (literally) of old CDs that I am finally succumbing to transferring to digital and getting rid of the physical CDs.  This is going to be a long process, but the reward will be tenfold.

4. Have another personal spa day.  I am working on balancing my mind, body, and spirit and a personal spa day will help with all three components.

5. Start biking again.  This also goes along with balancing mind, body, and spirit.  Also, I love biking so why but other things before that?

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