Sunday, February 15, 2015

Shreduary: Level 2 with Anita

As much as I could have stayed on level 1 for a little longer I got a text from my sister saying she was moving on to level 2 so I felt the need to as well. First off, if any of you are also on level two you are awesome. There is a lot that I like as far as exercises for level 2 such as hammer curls and the loads of squats. What I failed to remember are the mountain climbers and plank twists. They suck. Who is with me?

As soon as I heard the word “plank” it all came flooding back into my memory. Sure, those plank twists at the end are killer for your abs, but really? With every twist and turn I can feel the pain in my stomach and refuse to quit. These used to be a lot easier and I fully plan on getting back to that level where the word “plank” does not drive me into twitches and spasms. All that being said, I still chose to have a high level of intensity while doing the exercises more on the Anita level verses Natalie. Also, is it just me or are the walk-out pus-ups easier than standard pus-ups?

I just wanted to say that level 1 is still quite respectable and even though the DVD is only about 25 minutes, if you use heavier weights and bring a higher level of intensity, I guarantee you that you will be sweating.

How are you guys feeling about the DVD so far? What level are you on? Was there anything that Jillian said that stuck with you or made you laugh out loud? Also, are you doing anything besides The Shred that is helping you?

Thank you all again for the texts, video messages, emails and the like. You guys are awesome!

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