Monday, March 16, 2015

Laguna Beach Artwalk

"The City We Love" by Joelle Blouin
For the artwork above, see artist details HERE.

I finally made it!  The city of Laguna Beach has an artwork the first Thursday of every month.  I have wanted to go for the las couple years but was never able to.  Whether it be because I had class at night of because of my late hours of work, this event has eluded me for far too long.

The frist Thursday in March was my first time attending this artwork.  To sum up, various art houses in the city of Laguna Beach open their doors to the public for a free viewing of their art and often times there are free snacks and cups of wine.  Unfortunately I had just had a fabulous dinner (one of my salmon nights) and was not the least bit hungry to eat or drink.

My oldest sister was able to join me straight from work and after the nightmare of finding parking in Laguna on a first Thursday, we headed off.  In all we went in about 10 or so galleries, some of which were a lot cooler then their websites lead me to believe.  Most of the galleries asked that no pictures be taken, so I only took a few pictures of the names of the galleries we attended.

Anyway, I am so glad I was able to go and finally see these amazing places. I did not find a piece that spoke to me personally, but I am forever on the hunt to own my own piece of original art.  I think when I see it I will just know.

Check out their website and if you have not already, I highly suggest you try it out.

Laguna Beach First Thursday Artwalk

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