Friday, March 13, 2015

More Salmon From Sprouted Kitchen

Wild Salmon with Caper Relish

As you probably remember, I bought a large bag of wild salmon from Costco and am trying to eat (and enjoy) more fish in my diet.  This is now going to be my third salmon recipe from "The Sprouted Kitchen" cookbook but hey, I am at least trying the recipes.

This week I made the Roasted Wild Cod with Meyer Lemon and Caper Relish with a few minor variations.  I used wild salmon as opposed to wild cod so I also adjusted the cooking time as cod tends to be a bigger and slightly denser fish.  Also, I substituted the parsley for basil, champagne vinegar for distilled white vinegar, and lastly the agave nectar for honey.  So yeah, a few substitutions, but I feel like in all the favor was on par with the recipes original intention.

This recipe takes some forethought and planning as the caper relish needs to be prepped 4-24 hours before using.  You finely dice the lemon and soak it with the vinegar and honey/agave nectar first.

I have to say, this was very refreshing on a warm afternoon.  The recipe makes 4 but I halved the recipe for only two. I am going to make this again for sure and I really liked how it tasted with my modifications/substitutes.

So far the salmon recipes from "The Sprouted Kitchen" is 2 out of 3 in my book.  See my other reviews HERE.
Wild Salmon with Caper Relish

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