Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Things that start with B

Bikes.  Books.  Booze.

I went for a bike ride recently, something that was long overdue, and started thinking about my day.  I was trying to read through a bookclub book as well as needed to go buy some wine for a present.  I was mentally making a checkoff list in my head that went something like "bike, books, and booze".  I couldn't help but to laugh out loud.

Has my life resorted to just words that start with the letter B?  If so, hooray!  These are a few of my favorite things.

A bike ride in which you are whizzing past the scenery.  The beat of the music in your ears is echoing than the drumming of your heart.  Speaking of your heart, you are pushing your max and revving up your speed.  Maneuvering, sprinting, pacing, all things that I love and all on the comfort of my trusty bike. I never feel as free as I do than when I am on my bicycle.

"I thought of that while riding my bike." - Albert Einstein on his theory of relativity.

Escaping reality and being present somewhere else.  Books can take you places you could never afford, offer you ideas you never have thought, challenge your worldview, or take you on a fun ride.  I love reading and challenging my mind.  I also like taking a break from reality.  I haven't been reading enough, but I am doing so now.

When you have a whole subfolder on your phone devoted to wine apps it is time to fess up that you enjoy the booze.  Finding those bottles that bring forward flavors that your palate adores.  Pairing a great bottle with a good meal.  Knowing that this bottle of Pinot Noir tastes better after it has been chilled for 30 minutes in the refrigerator.  Never drinking to excess, but instead saving each sip as it is taken.

Bikes, books, and booze.  Can that be my theme for 2015?

Currently enjoying...

Gary Fisher Neko Hybrid Bike in blue

Hidden Girl by Shyima Hall

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

The Wild Ride by Tait

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