Thursday, April 2, 2015

March Goals: Follow Up

1. Finish Nike+ Challenge - ACCOMPLISHED.
This was one of those things that constantly hung over me.  If I wanted to go for a bike ride or wanted to to do Jillian Michael's Shred, I couldn't because I knew I needed to devote my time to running for the challenge instead.  I made this my main focus for the month and finished my goal within the first two weeks.  It was such a relief both mentally and physically.  I know that it made me go and do miles everyday which was great for discipline, I just wanted to transition that discipline to something that I enjoyed more. (See goal #5)

2. Read Hidden Girl: The True Story of a Modern Day Slave by Shyima Hall. - ACCOMPLISHED.
I posted a book review on this one and hope you will check it out.  (See short review HERE) I ended up meeting my my friends for a book club and had a great time talking about the issues of human trafficking and what our roles are to help end it in the US and worldwide.  I encourage you to become informed as well.

3. Burn my CDs to my computer. - Semi-ACCOMPLISHED.
I ended up needing a new computer and spent a lot of time transferring music and pictures and the like to me new computer.  This actually took hours upon hours of time and I had to put the burning of the CDs on hold.  I did manage to import quite a few but decided that I needed to reevaluate which CDs I was going to keep and which ones I would probably never listen to again.  To be continued...

4. Have another personal spa day. - ACCOMPLISHED.
Need I say more?

5. Start biking again. - ACCOMPLISHED.
The freedom that comes with riding a bike is something that cannot be described in words.  I love being on my bike and took full advantage of my time when my Nike+ challenge was completed.  The last couple rides I have had a problem with my chain and so I am taking my bike in for a much needed tune up.  While that is happening I have checked out my local YMCA and have been attending spin classes there.  Can I just say that I also love spin classes.  I find them truly addicting and burn a ton of calories.  This last class I burned over 800 calories, thank you heart rate monitor.  If you do not have or use a heart rate monitor I highly recommend it.  It is a great source for training and for tracking calories burned.  I just read this great article from that tells even more reasons that you should use a heart rate monitor.  Check out the article.

8 reasons to invest in a heart rate monitor ASAP

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