Thursday, April 16, 2015

Earl Grey Tea-poached salmon from Hemsley + Hemsley

So...I have been eating a bit of salmon lately.  Ironic since I do not particularly like fish.  I bought a package of wild caught salmon from Costco and have been attempting various dishes with it in the hopes that I find one I can add to my signature dish list of at least keep on the recipe rotating block.  This is the second attempt at poached fish and both have proven to be quite delicious.  Now I have to say that wild salmon is key.  I can honestly taste the difference between wild and farm-raised and I detest the taste of farm-raised not to mention you miss out of tons of nutrients.  

I found this recipe on the blog Hemsley + Hemsley. (Recipe HERE).  This blog was created by two sisters, Jasmine and Melissa, who believe in cooking sustainably and healthily.  I found the blog when I was on YouTube looking for spiraled vegetable recipes and came across their video in which they made this exact meal.

Since I am mostly eating Whole30 (if you don't know what it is, check out the info HERE) for the month of April I changed the recipe just slightly.  I did not add the parmesan cheese.  Also, no maple syrup in the house so I used honey.

I have to say that I have made the zucchini noodles (zoodles as the internet refers to them) a ton of times with this very simple lemon and olive oil dressing.  I have also made tea-poached salmon but this time the honey, tea, and butter reduction sauce kicked it up another level.  I did all but lick my plate when I was finished.  Ridiculously good tasting and quite healthy to boot.

Check out the Hemsley sister's website HERE and maybe give this recipe a try.

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