Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Brewery Art Walk in LA

A few months ago I learned of this really cool art walk in LA that happens twice a year.  The gist of the walk is that there is an artist colony that took over an old brewery and twice a year there is an event in which the public can come and walk around the artist lofts and admire and maybe even purchase some original artwork. (Check out The Brewery Art Walk)

As you might remember, one of my goals for 2015 was to attend more arts and culture events and I am glad to say that another one can be checked off the list.

I met my friends Kyle and Lisa up in LA for the event and had a great time exploring the lofts and interpreting the artwork.

Parking was quite interesting... there were a lot of people there but I managed to score a spot in the lot that UPS was generously allowing visitors to park in.

I canvased the layout while waiting for Lisa and Kyle and spotted the beer station and fun restaurant nestled in the center of the  "campus" of artist lofts.  All that to say, I was doing the Whole 30 detox so I was not able to partake in the food and libations, next time for sure!  Also, apparently the location is very close to where Pocky sticks are manufactured and there were hundreds of boxes around with people munching on them.  The landscaping was water-wise with succulents, cactus, and sparse landscaping.  It said, "yes we love plants but we also know California is in a major drought."  I loved it!

The vibe was relaxed and interested.  People who were there seemed to genuinely want to see that art and were not just there to pass the afternoon, although I am sure that would be fun too.  (There are not too many photos of inside the studios as a lot of places ask not to take pictures.)

My first stop was to a gallery that boasted abstract oil canvas pieces (my favorite).  I was able to talk with the artist herself about the meaning and inspiration behind a few of her pieces, but after I had made my own interpretation first.  After all, art is how you interpret it, not what other people tell you to think.

If you are ever in the area, you should check this place out.  I am definitely going to the next event as well.  Check out their website HERE for details.

I bought these three cards and am going to frame them.

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